Novi Global work with candidates to find the best match of their skills against current opportunities. In the pursuit of the right fit for your skills, there are several key points to remember about our process:
  • You are in total control of our direction at all times.
  • After you define the parameters of the positions that interest you, we’ll do all the searching.
  • Our search won’t impact your personal time.
  • There’s no cost to you, the hiring company pays our fee.
  • We are employment specialists with extensive knowledge and experience. We present opportunities you would not find on your own, and we assist you in evaluating, negotiating and transitioning into your new role.
  • Our searches are confidential. Your identity will be released only with your permission, when you feel it is appropriate.

If you’re not completely satisfied with your present job, why not explore what else is out there and consider making a change for the better – painlessly, and at no cost to you - through Novi Global?

You will find that Novi Global will be your agent, your advocate and your career consultant, whose primary role is to find opportunities that offer you the most satisfaction, both professionally and financially. 

The Process

As you continue to work in your present position, Novi Global will always be alert for advancement opportunities you’ve told us you’re interested in. It’s like having your own promotional agent knocking on all the right doors, all the time, on your behalf! 

Just give us your requirements and we’ll take it from there. We’ll evaluate your background and experience, then screen thousands of opportunities and hone-in on those best suited for you. 

Because most qualified individuals have busy personal and professional lives, they just don’t have time to do even a half-hearted job of searching. You may scan the Internet in the evenings, but there’s so much out there the whole process can be overwhelming. 

How does someone sift through more than 30,000 job sites and millions of jobs to find that one perfect position? How do you identify the best ones? How do you separate the truly good opportunities from the ones that sound more attractive than they turn out to be? Well, now you don’t have to. With a global network of Associates, we’ll do the searching for you. 

You’re In Charge

You have nothing to lose except an opportunity.

You will never pay a fee to Novi Global. Our coaching, advice, and information are completely free to you. When you do accept a position that we find for you, the hiring company pays our fee, which is also why we work so hard to get it right for you - we don’t get paid until we’ve found exactly what you want, and you accept.

Naturally, all personal information provided to Novi Global is strictly confidential. Your name never enters our conversations with employers until you give us the green light, unless you request it.

Proactive Process

Novi Global’s Candidate Service is a thorough "step-by-step" process:

Career & Goal Assessment

The number of people who don't have a career plan is amazing. Most of us realize that developing a financial plan is crucial to reaching our financial goals and more than half don’t. Even more people have failed to apply that same approach to their careers. When they do, they discover the first step in the process is an assessment of personality, aptitude, and objectives.

Workplace Skills Evaluation

Parallel to career goals, a thorough analysis of workplace skills is made, especially in relation to positions that the candidate will likely be pursuing. Candidates may elect to upgrade their talents through Skill Enhancement and Training. Whether it relates to computer use, software application training, or sales classes, Novi Global advises candidates on ways to improve their skill base.

Job Search Action Plan

Once we agree on "where we are," a detailed plan can be created to reach "where we want to go." This detailed activity map identifies the industries and positions that we will target on behalf of the candidate, along with the requirements and preferences associated with them.

CV Enhancement

The old style, hardcopy resume is very different from today's ideal electronic resume with meta-tags and keywords. Novi Global customises candidates' CVs for the types of positions they are pursuing. Only recently we had a candidate who had been looking for a job for 5 months, and whose CV was a real mess. We fixed it up and he got a new job within 2 weeks!!!

Candidate Marketing Contact

Novi Global’s Associates are also recruiters. By placing marketing calls on the candidate's behalf to notify companies of a "hot talent" that has hit the market, our Associates position the candidate in an attractive light. We have also placed candidates within companies we do not currently work with, but who they wish to work for. Why not see if we can help you get your dream job?

Interview Coaching

How often does the average person go through the interview process? Most people face it at least 5-6 times in their lifetime. Because today's hiring authorities are sharper than ever, the interview process can be more stressful than it's ever been. So we coach candidates to "impress without pressing".

Please send your CV to and our incredible software will add you automatically, no forms to fill in! PLEASE NOTE: Due to the GDPR EU regulations, by sending your CV to you explicitly agree for Novi Global Recruitment Limited to store your CV and any other documents you send to us for the express purpose of finding you a new job. We will never share or sell your information, and you have the right to ask for your information to be deleted at any time.