The beginning of a new year is often time for reflection and there is a great deal of reflection, when it comes to recruitment. As a recruitment agency, 2021 left a very digital hallmark on our relationships with companies (clients) and candidates. Our communication rarely stops and is so easy to forget how it went. We’re constantly in a mail, in Slack, in a Zoom meeting, on a phone call, and working from home makes it even splashier. On another note, it was a year of uncertainty for all actors in the work stage – employers, employees and most of all, candidates.

Just to make it clear, in case you’re not on track. We attract talent. This is what recruitment agencies do. Each woman and man have her or his strengths and weaknesses, and we help companies, which look to fill their power puzzle with this vital piece of strength, that will inhale authenticity and sense of completeness in the achieving of their mission. This task needs clarity, trust and engagement and our strength is to build strong, time lasting bonds.

Reflection and feedback were important more than before, especially when it comes to the applicant’s expectations, which is a highlight not only in our Candidate Satisfaction Survey, but in the current state of recruitment as well.

We conduct our survey each year, hoping to gather our candidates’ impressions on a few but very grounding topics, that populate our Recruitment planet.

  • Was the interview conducted by our colleagues coherent and detailed enough?
  • Was the phone & e-mail communication with our consultants conducted in a timely manner?
  • What is your understanding about the vacancy after the talk?
  • Was the consultant positive and friendly in your communication?
  • Would you recommend "Novi Global" as a recruitment agency to candidates or employers, looking for talent?

Overall, again, without being any more modest than needed, we’ve done a good job. It is important to note, that we send this survey to all participants in the recruitment process. Sometimes, more than 50 people apply for a position, which is envisioned to be done by only one. Sometimes, more than 100. So, when a bit more than 80% of all respondents (290) are positive in recommending our services, we know that we handled our line with care.

Furthermore, that reflects the positivity we bear by reaching out to our candidates. Taking the step to a new job, to seek new opportunities and put yourself on a trial is always a challenging part of anyone’s life. We’re always trying to be as realistic as possible, yet optimism is strong pillar in our values. Thus, when we see that 98% of all respondents perceive the communication with us as a happy experience, that makes us happy too!

It is a fragile balance, you see. Our interviews are meant to be the onboarding of the candidate to a position she or he just met as a good opportunity. Most of the time they can’t really be aware of it simply by reading a job ad. It needs a presentation and the balance of not giving too much information, yet just enough without looking as we are hiding something, is a tricky business. Yes, we were coherent and informative, as more than 82% of the applicants reflect on our communication with them as a precise, thorough and detailed enough.

On the other hand, we left only 50% of the applicants with a clear idea on what they are getting themselves into, while the remaining 47% expressed only partial understanding. It is easy to take all the blame for ourselves, and express the ever-motivating urge to enhance. It is not as we were rushing though the talks, not at all. 97% of the candidates see the communication with us whether as well-conducted or as fast and timely. Because time is really of the essence. Social networks and employer branding strategies make it easier for job seekers to have opportunities at hand and they rarely have only one proposition in mind. Companies want the vacancy being filled yesterday. But it is a process that needs to be handled with elaboration and this is a chance to plead this case to all employers, who work with external partners as ourselves. Please. Share information.

Information about the role is essential not only for us to understand the day-to-day activities of the person you expect to welcome in your organisation, but mainly to help the candidates to see your company as the place, where their talent will flourish. Where they’ll feel valued and challenged. What is the structure of the department; why is the position vacant; what is your strategy for it, etc.

Information about how you have planned the recruitment process helps all parties to manage expectations easier. A simple estimate of how much time you’ll need to analyse applications and give feedback is enough, but we all know how things are not always rolling out as planned.

Information on why you reject someone is even more vital. It brings credibility tothe relationships with the candidates, but also helps the companies to reflect on what they really need and haven’t found in this particular applicant.

Nevertheless, we are more than thankful. On the one hand, to all the great people we met throughout the year, and we had the chance to support in their career journey, and to the companies who chose us to help them with the imbuing of talent in their team on another. Each year brings its unique challenges, yet for this one we pray that health won’t be one of them.

We urge you to stay safe, and be always curious and inspired.