We offer a range of Global Visa Services, suitable for anyone from individuals to full family relocation.

Let Novi Global manage your recruitment and visa applications, all in one place!

Your Reliable Representative

For individuals seeking visas, our visa specialists will become your personal migration agent and represent you to the governing authorities. Our specialists will offer you strategic advice, an experienced hand, and will facilitate your migration needs and demands with the most caring support.

Your Reliable Business Partner

As a truly global company, we can relate to your business moving employees abroad. Many global corporations have used our corporate visa services to relocate personnel to their offices worldwide.

Whether you are a company coordinator, an HR manager or a CEO, your task to organise the visas for a few people, a department, or the whole company will be a whole lot easier.

Looking to Hire Overseas Workers?

Our work permit and skilled visas department will ensure all legal aspects are met and your new employees start work as soon as possible.

  • Centralised point of contact – get instant access to expert knowledge on hiring overseas residents
  • Avoid legal issues – we enable and make sure our clients comply with the latest migration and employment regulations
  • Helping your employees – employing foreign citizens requires both sides to comply with certain requirements. Before applying, we make sure your employees are eligible and possess the necessary documents 

Travelling abroad on a business meeting or conference?

Novi Global enables organisation officials reach the destinations their job requires them to. Here’s why business travellers choose Novi Global:

  • Global visa expertise – our visa specialists know each country’s visa policy
  • Immediate application – our visa specialists fill application forms for you
  • No waiting time – no need to travel to and wait in line at the embassy
  • Simultaneous processing – your organisation needs several people travelling? No problem!
  • Visa expert assigned to your company – a point of contact available throughout the process


For more information, please contact us on visaservices@noviglobal.com