Education helps us all make a positive contribution to the betterment of our society, and the world. It helps us confidently take on new challenges, and is the main medium by which the human race moves forward.
We at Novi Global are experienced at recruiting the right talent for multiple roles in the education sector, globally. Our clients span from Europe as far as China and the UAE.  We offer a competitive service, whether it is to fill one vacancy or carry out a recruitment campaigns for hundreds of teachers, whether locally-sourced or expats.
We will find the right staff for your organisation.
So far we have recruited:
EFL Teachers
Primary Teachers
Elementary Teachers
High School Teachers
But we are not limited to that list. We can recruit for any role linked to the education sector, be it in the UK or abroad, primary to University, support staff, administration, sports science and more.
Please contact us with your initial queries, and we can discuss your options: