Our Executive Search/Headhunting services are very popular with our clients and candidates alike. We won't stop until we have identified the perfect candidate for your position. We excel at building entire teams for start-up companies, from C-level positions, right the way through, on either a retained or contingent basis.

Using techniques, unknown by many recruiters, we can delve deeply into the web, finding hidden talent, but the job doesn't stop there. The people we deal with are Senior Managers, often at VP level or above. Our clients have found that securing candidates of this calibre is challenging, often they will be considering multiple opportunities if they are actively looking, or they will need to be encouraged to leave their existing company. Our recruiters are experts at "selling" new opportunities to our candidates - they are all passionate about what they do, and that enthusiasm is key to a successful hire. Many of our candidates and clients have come from referrals.

Working with some of the world's leading companies around the globe, it is our duty to ensure only the highest levels of professionalism, courtesy and after-placement care, which sets us apart from our peers.

For senior-level roles, clients often prefer to work with recruiters who have performed in the past for them, and will usually end up in the hands of a retained recruiter. By working exclusively with one firm on such searches, the client generally develops a much deeper relationship with the recruiter, and receives a much higher level of service. We gladly offer retained services on a guaranteed hire basis.

Please contact us on +353 86 102 5858 for more information on how we might find the hidden gem you have been struggling to identify.