Whatever plans a company has in place, and whatever its aims, if they have the wrong talent in place, it’s all for nothing!

How companies are able to attract the best staff in the industry, when they may not be looking for a new job, will determine their market share, success, and ultimately their bottom line. In emerging markets and new technolgies, like Blockchain, RPA, Automation, Blue Prism and similar, finding the right talent is very difficult as the competition for the best candidates in intense, and this is when a FinTech specialist is required. Our experts have strong networks of exclusive candidates, so please contact us to see how we can fill your positions with cost-effective and relevant candidates.

Those clients who companies do business with will be measured by the calibre of the candidates it attracts.

Like the rest of our business, the key to our success is working with passive, hidden candidates, who may be impossible to find through normal channels and searches.

We have experts in Etherium, Bitcoin, R3, Blockchain, and will continure to work with talent in other bleeding-edge tech.

We build strong relationships with all our clients and candidates; we can advise them on market trends and what information we gain from networking extensively. We understand the need to keep pace in a rapidly changing industry, and are happy to share our knowledge.

We help FinTech companies grow beyond their borders, establishing new teams in different countries, and we have specialists in the US, Europe, Asia and Africa.