Electromechanical Maintenance Technician

Electromechanical Maintenance Technician


We are a manufacturing facility, and our products are focused in automotive, industrial, and medical applications! Our vision is to become a leading automotive foundry in the world!

Serving our customers in a broad consumer, industrial and automotive markets with innovative, high-quality, and competitive semiconductor technologies and manufacturing capacity, to innovate their products towards higher energy efficiency, smaller size/weight, and better cost towards a future prosperous and carbon-neutral society.


We are looking for electromechanical technicians to perform preventive and corrective maintenance in their production area. We have 6 different divisions in their production environment, each with their own specialty. Depending on your area of expertise, you will be placed in one of these divisions.


  1. You follow up on complex routine checklists each 3-5 pages long.
    • You perform mechanical maintenance, such as adjusting different components.
    • You perform electrical maintenance, such as measuring voltage.
    • You perform pneumatical maintenance.
    • You perform cleaning tasks, removing chemical waste from the production process.
  1. Corrective maintenance (70%)
  2. Resolve all malfunctions, of all natures.
    • Fine mechanics.
    • Find mistakes in the software. You do not program!
  3. Project work (5-10%)
    • Brainstorm about possible improvements.
    • Identify frequent problems and try to remedy them.
    • You use data from the machines.


  • You have a bachelor’s degree in electromechanics, electricity or mechatronics. 
  • You need an advanced knowledge of electricity, mechanics, hydraulics, and pneumatics. The specifics of each machine will be taught on the job.
  • You have good and clear English skills at B2-C1 level, this is the language you will communicate in. 
  • You are willing to work in a clean room environment. You wear a hooded suit, gloves, safety glasses and safety shoes to protect the products from dust. This is a confined space, not a traditional big production area.
  • You work according to 5S to keep your workspace clean (Sort – Set in order – Shine – Standardize – Sustain).
  • You are willing to work closely in a pair with your technician partner. 


Regular hours per week 

±32h/week (= fulltime)


2 x per month, advance payment on the 16th  

Gross salary / hour


Average net salary / month

€2374 (differs each month)

Meal vouchers

Yes, 8€/worked day



Shift allowance

+39.76/month (depending on shifts)

Working hours

5-shift full continuous system

Extralegal benefits:

  • Each year salary increases with sectoral indexation and seniority.
  • Holiday money (15.38% of the yearly gross salary of the previous year).
  • End of the year money (134.47 x basic hourly salary).
  • Hospitalization insurance (family included €18/year for adults, €8.5/year for children).
  • Health insurance.
  • Disability insurance.
  • Life insurance.
  • Sports and culture vouchers.
  • Commuting allowance (50% above the legal fee).
  • Seniority bonus (after 5 years, each year a gross bonus).
  • Bike lease (after 5 years, used from seniority bonus).
  • Gross bonus (€24.42 monthly).
  • Cell phone + subscription (also for private use, 20GB data).
  • On-site cafeteria.
  • Sinterklaas gift certificates (€15 per child below age 12).

Housing and Accommodation

  • With the help of an external organization, we find accommodation for you around Oudenaarde. You will sign the housing agreement directly with the tenant.
  • We pay the first 2 months of rent. This must be refunded if you resign within 2 years.
  • You must pay for the housing deposit yourself.
  • We pay for the one-way ticket to Belgium for you first, and your family later.
  • You must provide own transport to work.


  • The first interview will be with a recruiter to ensure that you are aware of the vacancy and the terms and conditions for which you are applying. We will also check your motivation to work for the position they applied for.
  • The second interview will be with the HR representative via Teams/Zoom in English.
  • A third interview will be a technical interview with the division manager.
  • The last interview will be with the operations manager.
Please contact me directly: marque.devilliers@noviglobal.com
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Electromechanical Maintenance Technician
Belgium - Antwerpen

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