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The client empowers engineers for innovation in industrial technology – by designing and manufacturing sensor and connectivity solutions for the technology that is enabling a safer, sustainable, productive, and connected world. As the go-to engineering partner for today's innovation leaders and technology entrepreneurs, we are helping solve tomorrow's toughest challenges. Our electrical and electronic products are engineered to reliably connect and protect the flow of data, power, and signal – in electric vehicles and aircraft, digital factories and smart homes, and life-saving medical devices, efficient utility networks, and the global communications infrastructure. 

As a global electronics company with 80 years of experience in developing innovative solutions for complex industrial technology applications used in harsh environments, our broad and diverse team of industry experts includes electrical and mechanical engineers who focus on designing electronic and electrical components manufactured for reliability, safety, and sustainability, offering technological solutions that help empower the potential of people to drive innovation in the technologies transforming how people live, work, and connect.

We are in Oostkamp in Belgium and have around 700 employees developing and manufacturing electromechanical components for the automotive sector (including connectors and inductive systems for automotive electronics applications). Among other things, we make the housing of the ABS/ESP control system in a car, wheel speed sensors, a water pump stator, components for power steering systems etc.




The client is looking for Mold technicians to strengthen their plant in Oudenaarde, Belgium. Together with your team, you are responsible to keep the molding machines optimally running. As Mold technician in the stamping department, you are responsible for the maintenance and conversion of Mold (repair). You play a crucial role in the preparation of the production and make the difference. You are the link between preparing orders and passing them on to the machinery afterwards. Communication is the key! Open communication is essential at TE. That is why you ensure a complete knowledge transfer to colleagues as soon as you have taken actions.


1.     Repair molds

o   Replace damaged molds.

o   Fine mechanics.

o   Move the molds back in their correct position.

2.     Maintain molds.

o   Completely disassemble the mold to check each part.

o   Lubricate the parts.

o   Change oil.

o   Test the pieces.

o   Completely set up the machine again.

3.     Optimize molds.

o   Brainstorm about possible improvements.

o   Check if they can run more efficiently.


·      You have a bachelor degree in mechanics.

·      You have a background in the metal sector.

·      You need to have experience with conventional turning and milling machines, no CNC machines.

·      You need an advanced knowledge of fine techniques; you need to be able to work to 1/100 of a millimeter.

·      You have good and clear English or French skills at B2-C1 level, this is the language you will communicate in. 

·      You are willing to work in a two-shift system.



Regular hours per week 

39.50 (7.45h/day)



Gross salary / hour

€17.50-€18.50 (depending on experience)

Average net salary / month

€2300 (for €18.50, excluding shift bonus)

Meal vouchers

Yes, €6.90 (of which €1.09 taxes)


Possible after a while

Shift allowance


Working hours

Alternating shifts: 5:00-13:00 and 13:00-21:00


Extralegal benefits:

o   Hospitalization insurance, also for family members for a fee.

o   Group insurance.

o   Pension saving.

o   Cafeteria with reasonable prices. 


                                              HOUSING & TRANSPORTATION

·      The client provides free shared accommodation for the first six months. A separate room is always provided.

·      The employee has six months to find their own accommodation. The total cost of renting a flat will be for the employee after six months.

·      If the employee decides to move to independent accommodation before six months have expired, the client will not financially compensate the loss.

·      Similarly, if the applicant is already living in Belgium or if you secure your own accommodation from day one, the client will not compensate the loss financially.

·      Own car – needed or willing take the public transport or ride a bike. 

·      The cost of the travel to Belgium is paid by the employee. The client does not cover the cost of travel to Belgium.



·      It will take approximately five to six months to receive a residence and work permit in Belgium, so candidates who are offered a job are asked not to give notice too early.

·      Workers from outside the European Union are obliged to cover the costs of issuing a police clearance certificate, medical examination, legalization, and translation of documents  

·      The cost of the visa (€ 180) is also covered by the candidate. The client only covers the cost of the administrative fee which must be paid in Belgium at the time of the single permit

                                                        SELECTION PROCESS

·      The first interview will be with the recruiter to ensure that the candidate is aware of the vacancy and the terms and conditions for which he/she is applying. We will also check the
       candidate's motivation to work for the position they applied for.

·      If the candidate passes the first interview, they will take a technical test (1.5h).

·      A second interview will be held with the HR representative with the client.

·      A last interview will be with the supervisors, which will be technical again.


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Mold Technician
Belgium - Antwerpen

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