Machine Operator

Machine Operator – Wire Pulling
Belgium - Dendermonde

Ever since 1983, we have strived to be a reliable partner in the steel industry. We strive to provide the best possible service and quality, always seek a solid partnership, and continuously invest in innovative products and processes.
And yet we are much more than just products and service. There are our people, for example, who give their best every day.
Through continuous developments and innovations, excellent service and logistical support from a perfectly balanced back office, we make our mark and continue to grow.
Furthermore, we carefully listen to our customers and their wishes in order to create a win-win situation. Everybody learns from one another.
Are you ready to be part of a dynamic team. We are on the lookout for skilled Machine Operators to strengthen our wire pulling lines. Our production lines are quite long, and they are powered by a team committed to excellence. Here is what you need to know:
Work environment:
  • Our production lines are housed in a spacious production area, ensuring ample ventilation. However, this means it can get chilly in winter and hot in summer.
  • Safety is our utmost priority. In this fast-paced environment, where metal particles fly and machines hum loudly, we provide comprehensive safety gear including hearing protection, safety glasses, coveralls, safety shoes, and gloves. No jewellery is allowed for your safety.
  • We maintain strict safety and operation protocols, and any errors are addressed with an immediate resignation.
Production process:
  • Each line begins with two rolls of metal wires, ensuring continuous operation. Our heftruck drivers deliver a new roll as soon as one runs out.
  • Your responsibility involves preparing the rolls for processing. This includes cutting the roll to open it and removing any rusted parts using specific procedures and cutters.
  • The automatic welding machines grind the wire to prepare it for welding. You are tasked with cutting off any stray metal particles and using manual grinding machines to correct defects if necessary.
  • The automatic welding machine welds the wire together.
  • The wires undergo processing within the machine, emerging fully transformed.
  • Regular sampling is essential for quality control, and you will play a pivotal role in this process.
Your responsibilities include the following:
  • Operating machines for wire production with precision and efficiency.
  • Vigilantly monitoring the production line to prevent wire breakage.
  • Swiftly addressing any machine breakdowns in case of wire breakage, such as untangling wires.
  • Cutting open the roll and removing rusted parts.
  • Checking the samples from the machine and reporting issues to the foreman.
  • Adhering strictly to safety regulations, including wearing the appropriate PPEs.
Education A technical schooling would be a plus
Work experience Previous experience in a heavy production environment or construction job would be a plus
Language Communicative English
  • Willing to do physically heavier work.
  • Willing to work in a loud and dirty environment.
  • Strict adherence to safety rules and awareness of safety risks.
  • Understanding of machine controls and operation protocols.
  • Capacity to quickly identify and address production line issues.

Please email me for additional information and to apply.

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Machine Operator
Belgium - Antwerpen

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