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We originally started as a diesel service company, we have grown to become the largest shipyard on the Belgian coast. With a large team of experienced employees, we offer a full range of services in ship repair, ship maintenance and the manufacture and installation of maritime offshore and onshore structures.
We are do everything related to welding, mechanical maintenance, refit, and renewal of ships, dry docking of ships, machining, crane rental, stainless steel and aluminum construction and so much more.
Our mission is to excel in marine repairs, maintenance & renewal construction in domain of engineering, welding, and mechanics. To be a highly qualified competence center for both offshore and onshore structures and general welding.
We want to further grow into an important hub in the field of ship maintenance and ship repair along the North Sea coast. Whether it concerns a small tugboat or a large dredger, we make the difference for its customers through a flexible and committed attitude. In the field of welding, we  further establish our name as the contact point for production and installation of all possible high-quality steel constructions or welding work both onshore and offshore.

We are looking for a dry dock technician to strengthen their team in Zeebrugge. The dry dock technician will play a vital role in ensuring the efficient and high-quality repair of vessels within our dry dock facilities.
  • You assist the dry dock operator in the dry docking of medium size seagoing vessels.
  • You rinse and sandblast the ship.
  • You perform general mechanical maintenance on the underwater hulls of vessels such as tugs, fishing vessels, dredgers, propellers, rudders etc.
  • You are trained to do all kind of maintenance on rudder and propulsion line.
  • During the rigging period, dry systems are also often maintained or renewed.
  • An important part of this are winches. Since we have our own brand of winches "Brussellle Carral", you will learn to overhaul and maintain this equipment as well.

  • You have a mechanical background.
  • You are willing to do heavy work, and work with big materials (e.g. 2 ton propellers).
  • You have a couple of years of experience in the maritime sector.
  • You are willing to work outside in all weather conditions.
  • You must be flexible, sometimes you will work in the evening or the weekend, so you will do overtime. 
  • You are hands-on and are not scared of physical work.
  • You have good and clear English skills at B2-C1 level, this is the language you will communicate in.

Regular hours per week 38h
Paycheck Monthly
Gross salary / hour €17-€20/h (negotiable)
Meal vouchers no
Overtime 7-12h/week is the average
How is overtime paid? 150% or an extra holiday
Working hours Mo-Thu: 8:00-16:30
Fr: 8:00-14:30

Additional benefits:
  • Hospitalization insurance, also for family members at a fee.
  • Phone is possible if requested.

  • We provide accommodation for you. You will have a whole apartment to yourself, or you can choose to share the apartment and pay less.
  • The employee is obliged to pay tax on "free housing". The amount depends on the price of the flat but is much lower than the actual cost of accommodation. This will be discussed during the interviews.
  • The cost of the travel to Belgium is paid by the employee. We do not cover the cost of travel to Belgium.

  • It will take approximately five to six months to receive a residence and work permit in Belgium, so candidates who are offered a job are asked not to give notice too early.
  • Workers from outside the European Union are obliged to cover the costs of issuing a police clearance certificate, medical examination, legalization, and translation of documents themselves.
  • The cost of the visa (€ 180) is also covered by the candidate. We only cover the cost of the administrative fee which must be paid in Belgium at the time of the single permit application.

  • The first interview will be with a recruiter to ensure that you are aware of the vacancy and the terms and conditions for which he/she is applying. We will also check the candidate's motivation to work for the position they applied for.
  • If the candidate passes the first interview, they will have a second interview with the HR representative.
  • Optionally, a third interview will be organized.

For more information and to apply, contact me directly.

(Please provide details, explaining why you are interested in, and suitable for this position)

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Dock Technician
Belgium - Antwerpen

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