Construction Ground Worker


We are a construction company specializing since 1975 in infrastructure works, projects, road construction, hydraulic engineering, environmental engineering and earth and concrete works. An SME that always puts its customers first.

We are seeking skilled individuals to join our team in executing various roadworks and construction projects. Our groundworkers are tasked with overseeing projects from start to finish, ensuring every detail is meticulously executed. While they may not operate heavy machinery, their role is crucial in manual excavation work, fine-tuning surfaces, and setting curbs to perfection.

Your responsibilities include the following:
  • Executing a range of road construction tasks, including but not limited to excavation, levelling, and compaction.
  • Installing reinforcement materials to enhance the strength and stability of structures, ensuring they meet safety standards and specifications.
  • Building form work structures to create moulds for concrete pouring, ensuring accuracy and alignment according to project requirements.
  • Installing drainage systems, including pipes and manholes, to manage water runoff effectively and prevent flooding.
  • Carrying out the placement and preparation of foundations for various structures, ensuring proper alignment and load-bearing capacity.
  • Installing curbs and edging stones along roads and walkways, ensuring precise placement and alignment for aesthetic appeal and functionality.
  • Laying interlocking bricks or pavers to create durable and visually appealing surfaces for roads, sidewalks, and other paved areas.
  • Executing rerouting and installation of sewer systems, including pipes, drains, and manholes, to ensure proper drainage and wastewater management.

Education No requirements
Work experience You have at least two years of experience as a ground worker
Language Communicative English and Polish, Romanian or Ukrainian
You have a VCA certificate or are willing to obtain one.
Driver’s license required.
Experience with laser techniques is a plus.
Skills You can work independently and in a team.
You have a hands-on approach.
You have a willingness to learn.

Regular hours per week 40h/week
Paycheck Weekly
Gross salary €17.40/h (first 9 months)
€18.26/h (after 9 months)
Estimated net salary.
Included in this estimation:
+-€500/week (first 9 months)
+-€525/week (after 9 months)
Meal vouchers €8/worked day (of which €1.09 (taxes)
Extra Eco vouchers (€100/year)
Shift hours Herentals-Geel: 6:00-14:45
Ghent: 7:00-15:45
Shift allowance -
Overtime No
Rent of car (if available) Own car or willing to rent one (for carpooling)
Medical insurance 9€/month

For more information and to apply, contact me directly.

(Please provide details, explaining why you are interested in, and suitable for this position)

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Job Title:
Construction Ground Worker
Belgium - Antwerpen

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